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Revealing the facts about pandemics 
and government control

March 2020 was the beginning of the biggest changes that our society, and thus us as humans, have ever faced. Changes which from one day to the next have changed our behavior, rights and view of each other, ourselves and the world.

Public debates with different opinions about the factual conditions we suddenly found ourselves in have been completely omitted in all important topics within politics, health and rights. Critical voices have been censored, shamed and left out of the conversations. Authorities, institutions, workplaces and educational institutions have all followed an official narrative which has completely trumped the most basic principles of democracy; that the majority must have respect for the individual.

The same thing has happened all over the world! Factually, we are now in a situation where our society is disintegrating, and the collectivist idea of exclusion of the individual's rights has become the central focal point of a political ideology which prevents us from getting information about the facts.

It is therefore our responsibility to seek factual knowledge about the changes our world is facing - because our knowledge is decisive for how we respond and accommodate them.

It is with humble pride and great joy that FBF, the Danish Freedom Movement, holds the first conference of its kind in Denmark, greatly supported by some of this time's most brave frontiers for spreading the facts, no matter the personal consequences!


Facts matter !


2 types of ticket to the Facts Matter Conference

Facts matter Conference 2nd September - Normal Ticket DKK 1.300,-
Your ticket gives you access to the Facts matter Conference 2nd September 2023 and includes coffee/tea, water and fruit in the morning as well as lunch in the lunchbreak. Water, soda as well as coffee/tea and cake can be bought in the cafe at the venue. Doors open at 8:30 AM. 

Click for full program 

If you are a member of FBF you will get a DKK 400,- members discount on the Conference Ticket

Use your active FBF member number at the check-out. You find your member number on the invoice you receive monthly from FBF in your e-mail inbox. Your members number works for one ticket. It is not allowed to give your member number to a third party. See the guide on how to use your FBF member number here

If you are not a member yet, click the here. As soon as your membership has been activated, you can return to buy your ticket with the discount. 


Facts matter Conference Dinner 1st September - Ticket DKK 1.200,-  OUT OF STOCK
Join us at a private dinner for all the speakers,VIP’s and staff. 

Dinner Ticket includes delicious buffet and holds the power of network under more private circumstances. Wine/water/beer can be bought at the cafe.
The dinner will be held at the venue.

We will only offer 15 tickets for this event. Doors open at 6:30 PM.


Facts Matter 1-day International Conference
Copenhagen - Denmark - 2nd September 2023

Time schedule, speakerlist and topic:

08:30 AM - Doors open. Coffee/tea, fruit and water are served

09:30 AM
Founder & Chair, FBF, Malue Montclairre                  - Welcome
Conference host Mette Bloch & John Bowe              - Introducing the day
Dr. David Martin                                                         - How we got here
Immunologist Dr. Kim Varming                                  - The natural progress of epidemics
Dr Pierre Kory                                                            - The War On Ivermectin                    

11:00 AM - Break           

11:30 AM
Matt Hoy                                                                        - Personal story and music
Dr. Anastasia Loupis                                                     - When medicine does more harm than good
Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole                                             - Cancer and Turbo-cancer as a result of mRNA injections
Dr. Peter McCullough                                                    - Pandemic Lessons Learned                

12:45 PM - Lunch          

13:45 PM
Matt Hoy                                                                       - Music
Pathologist Dr. Clare Craig                                          - Vaccine injurie
Dr. John Campbell                                                       - Evidence-based Social Media
Philosopher Ulrik Søberg                                            - The spiritual body as political symbol and tool
Dr. Christian Buckland                                                 - The impact of psychological techniques on informed consent

15:10 PM - Break           

15:30 PM
Matt Hoy                                                                        - Music
MEP Andrew Bridgen                                                    - The China-fication of Western Society’
Immunologist Dr. Dolores Cahill                                    - Law & Inalienable Rights
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich                                                     - Law and Human Rights
Lene Gammelgård                                                        - Self-created hope

17:00 PM - Break           

17:20 PM   
Panel discussion                                                           - Dialogue about the day and questions from the audience

18:30 PM - Thank you and goodbye


Time schedule as PDF

Small changes may occur. Keep yourself updated and sign up for FBF newsletter

Facts matter !

KANT Eventspace
Drejervej 11-21, 2400 København NV