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Would you like to learn how to touch consciously? Do you want to awaken people's hearts through loving touch? Do you want to know more about the Art of Tantra Massage?


Tantra Massage is one of the most refined and sensitive forms of art. It is fascinating in the way it appeals to all the senses, emphasizing conscious touch. It is mind blowing by relating directly and intensely to our emotions and invisible energetic structure, being able to heal tensions and traumas. It is expressed through deeply connecting and intimate massage that touches both our body and soul, helping us to align our sexuality with our love and our spirituality.


A genuine Tantra masseur is a true artist. His or her work is to be totally present in the moment and highly aware of the real needs of the one receiving the massage. The aim is to help that person to remove all unseen self-defense mechanisms and mental patterns, allowing the energy of love to shine through every cell of their being, radiating pure inner bliss. Basically, as an artistic expression, such an approach to tantra massage makes it so that it brings us in contact with our inner core, where we discover the shortest path to genuine self-love, which can then radiate in our surroundings.


Such an openness and exploration through the senses, and particularly through loving conscious touch, includes the awakening of our erotic energy, channeled through our heart and soul, and going beyond our daily ordinary selves, reconnecting to the higher source.


What will you learn:

What are the basics of Tantric massage

How does it feel when giving and receiving Tantric massage

How tantra massage can be a powerful tool for self-development

How to feel and heal another person's heart and emotions through touch

How you can become a skilled tantra masseur yourself


What will you experience:

The magic of conscious touch

Lots of hugs

Deep heart openness

Massage practice



10.00-10.45 Introduction to tantra and the senses

10.45-13.00 Exercises for men and women separately

13.00-14.30 Lunch break

14.30-15.00 Introduction to conscious touch (men and women together)

15.00-16.00 Polarity of touch exercises

16.00-16.15 Tea break

16.15-18.00 Conscious touch massage exercises



This workshop is designed for singles, but couples are also welcome. For the best experience during the massage practice, we recommend you to be open-minded and open-hearted and to trust that we will create a safe environment for you. All exercises are optional, just like it is optional how much you want to undress for the massage.

As there may be some people who are complete beginners as well as other people can be already skilled in tantra massage, we invite everyone to come to this workshop with a genuine aspiration to learn what genuine tantra massage is about.

We also ensure that we have an equal number of men and women signing up.



Practical information:



EARLY BIRD UNTIL 1st of August

Single: DKK 600

Couple: DKK 1,000



NORMAL PRICE (after 1st of August)
Single: DKK 700

Couple: DKK 1200


Language: English



Teachers: Ameline and Ando who both have been giving and teaching tantra masasge in the Tantra Temple for many years.


Tantra Temple
vadstrupvej 77, 2880 Copenhagen