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Sinne Eeg and Thomas Fonnesbaek is an unusual duo. They dare music's most dangerous exercise, namely sounding like themselves. No band, no special sound production, just bass and voice. This exercise in musical nakedness can only be mastered with the greatest talent.

Sinne Eeg's confident phrasing and lush tone is eminently supported by Thomas Fonnesbaek's warm and intuitive bass playing. As soon as you hear the first notes, you notice the enormous spaciousness in the music and thus room for both musicians' creativity and spontaneity. Sinne and Thomas listen attentively and inspire each other to take chances, almost like two elegant dancers who react to each other's movements. The result is simply enchanting.

Eeg-Fonnesbæk has released two albums and been awarded the Danish Music Award for best Vocal Jazz Release.

Watch on youtube:

Drop Inn
Kompagnistræde 34, 1208 København, 1208 København K