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How much pleasure can you have?
Embrace your feminine energy and explore your pleasure potential.
This urban retreat is designed to deepen your understanding of your own sexuality and enhance your access to pleasure.
Through various exercises, talks, and presentations, you will be introduced to different ways to enhance and strengthen your pleasure and sexuality, including different types of orgasms, fantasies, desires, and the importance of setting boundaries.
All while supporting each other on your individual journeys.
Expect to delve deeper into your own pleasure, gaining inspiration, and insights into the complex nature of female sexuality and your own. You will be introduced to tools and practical methods that can be incorporate into your daily pleasure practice, empowering you to cultivate more pleasure for yourself. The weekend presents invitations to immersive and intense exercises, with full respect for your personal boundaries. It's entirely acceptable to opt out of any exercise.
Expect nudity, sensual exercises, and opportunities for touch, always respecting personal comfort levels and boundaries. You are not expected to engage in any forms of communication or interaction that you are not comfortable with.
Friday (17:00 - 22:00): Kick off the weekend by bonding through shared experiences, exploring individual pleasure concepts, understanding backgrounds and limitations, and setting personal boundaries.
Saturday (10:00 - 22:00): Engage in mindfulness practices, learn about female anatomy, work with sexual energy, delve into desires and polarity, explore fantasies and celebrate female sensuality together in the evening. You can explore the sensual room or delve deeper into the sexual room.
Sunday (10:00 - 17:00): Strengthen sisterhood bonds, potentially forming women's groups, explore pleasure hypnosis, and learn about squirting orgasm. Conclude the weekend with a closing circle.
Leave feeling empowered, confident, and attuned to your pleasure, whether you seek to enhance self-pleasure, deepen your body connection, or explore new aspects of your sexuality.


Marie Guldager - Sexologist and Relationship Coach
Marie is a teacher, sexologist, and relationship coach who has spent many years exploring and cultivating female pleasure and female communities through women's groups.

She has organized events on female pleasure that have been both theoretically grounded and more experimental. For many years she has facilitated very practical events where participants have explored their own sexuality and pleasure.

"I love when I can learn more about my own sexuality and pleasure through other women's journeys, stories, and explorations."

Educationally, Marie holds a Master's degree in Pedagogy & Educational Studies and International Development, complemented by teacher education. Marie has worked as a folk high school teacher, amongst others instructing courses in sex, sexuality, and relationship formation.

Marie and her husband have co-founded 'ForholdsVis', a company dedicated to helping individuals navigate relationships, love, and sexuality through lectures, workshops, counseling, and coaching.

Claus Bildsøe - Sexologist and Pleasure Guide

Claus Bildsoe is a dedicated expert in sexual and relationship development who has combined his corporate executive experience with his passion for supporting people in gaining access to more pleasure, a richer sex life, and building stronger relationships.

With three decades of experience in leadership and mentoring, Claus has become an expert in guiding individuals. His training encompasses Tantra, Full Body Energy Orgasm, Orgasmic Meditation, Sexual Deconditioning, Japanese Bondage, Erotic Hypnosis, Couples Intimacy, and practices associated with open relationships. Currently, Claus is undergoing education as a Psychotherapist.

After a decade of teaching and hosting sensual workshops on cruises, resorts, hotel takeovers, and private play parties, Claus has now expanded his focus to provide one-on-one guidance for women, men, and couples seeking more pleasure and improvement in their sex lives.

As a Sexpert, pleasure guide, mentor, hypnotist, and bodyworker, Claus has developed a comprehensive approach to sexual and relationship development tailored to the unique needs of each individual.
Claus and Katrine have established Passionology, a Danish educational and coaching company with a vision to make the world a better place by enhancing people’s sexuality and relationships.
Throughout the weekend, we encourage you to bring something that you feel comfortable in. For Saturday evening, you might want to bring something that fosters and enhances the feeling of your sensuality.
Women 25+ (persons with a vulva). There is a maximum of 30 participants. Whether you are new to exploring your own sexuality or feel very comfortable in it already, this event may offer you deep and meaningful insight and inspiration.
Workshop language is English - unless all participants are Danish-speaking.
As an Urban retreat, we will provide snacks, while you will be responsible for your own food and accommodation. So bring your own food or buy it in the surrounding area. It is not possible to cook at the venue, but there is a microwave.
Bring a water bottle and thermos cup with a lid.

House of Play
Shetlandsgade 3, 1. sal, 2300 København S