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Deep Dating is the perfect playground not only for opening up towards love and profound, intimate relationships but also to find friends or be part of a sweet community. No matter whether you will meet the love of your life at this event or not - the evening will leave you more open, free, heart-connected and ready for love.

During all deep dating events we aim to let go of our judgements, preconceived ideas and superficial ways of dating and instead get to know each other directly from heart to heart. While having a lot of fun, with space to laugh and cry!

We will guide you through connecting exercises where all men will meet all women in a playful and meaningful way without formal one on one talks but joyfully guided by tantric principles. You don't need to have a former experience with tantra or dating, but just to be curious and open to meet new people in a sincere way.

This edition will be dedicated to the theme of Active Love. We will teach you some basic tantric principles that will help you understand and apply active love in your life. By being in touch with the spring of love in our hearts we will be able to meet the others from the heart in a pure and loving way.

In this workshop, we focus on:
♥️ Awakening our capacity to BE and STAY in LOVE
♥️ Understand the amazing power of giving
♥️ Exploring the power of transfiguration and see beyond appearances
♥️ Learning the basic principles of Active Love
♥️ Learning to practice the pure and profound intimacy based on reciprocity
♥️Creative and playful ways to explore the main theme of this workshop
♥️ How to make dating as spiritual practice as yoga or meditation


*There is no sexual contact or nudity in this event.

The event requires an even number of men and women with a maximum number of 20 participants all in all (10 men, 10 women).

If you register, please arrive on time, as late entrance will not be permitted.

Dresscode: We invite you to dress nicely, as if for a date.

The event is in English and will be held by our teachers Richard and Aditi

Tantra Temple
vadstrupvej 77, 2880 Copenhagen